Bridgestone Bangladesh

Bridgestone is the world’s largest tire and rubber band company. It produces and sells a range of rubber products and other diversified products since 1931. Its business is now present in more than 150 countries. For this global company, it was really a challenge to establish a positive view in the mind of Bangladeshi people after started selling tires in Bangladesh. But it is really an amazing news that Bridgestone that we, the Crazy Turtle Advertising Ltd. have made it true.

Planning for a 360-degree Campaign

To reach a large number of Bangladeshi people, Crazy Turtle Advertising Ltd. planned for a 360-degree marketing solution targeting the FIFA World Cup 2018. It was really a challenge for us to promote Bridgestone within the one-month campaign that would create an impact on the people nationwide. But our Crazy Turtle team effort has made it successful through the holistic marketing approach using different marketing channels and tools.

Setting Targets

Before running the campaign, Bridgestone set up a target of selling 5000 pairs of passenger car tires and to reach a minimum of 2 million people.

Campaign Activities

To be successful at this challenging campaign for Bridgestone, Crazy Turtle Advertising Ltd. run holistic marketing approach using different marketing channels and tools like TVC, OVC, RDC, newspaper creatives, digital marketing, corporate gifts, activations, online PR etc.


To promote the campaign throughout visual media, the in-house team of Crazy Turtle has made rational, appeal, clear and easily understandable TVC and OVC of attractive animation and sounds showing offerings of multiple gifts in buying one pair of passenger car tires. Therefore, it was really effective. They also created RDC and promoted through three famous radio channels.

Newspaper Creative

To reach more and more people newspaper creatives has been published on one of the leading published newspapers The Prothom Alo. Flyers were also distributed with the daily newspapers. Flyers were also distributed among some filling stations, drivers and car owners to promote it.

Digital Marketing

It has been possible to reach the targeted number of people through digital marketing. Digital marketing allows promoting products through different websites. The in-house team of Crazy Turtle has posted different types of posts and offerings on Bridgestone’s Facebook page to attract its users and followers. The TVC has posted several times. They also started a ‘Predict and Win’ contest during the campaign. Before every match of the World Cup, a post has been dropped asking people to predict who would win that match. The winner of the everyday contest was offered a T-shirt with Bridgestone Logo. The digital marketing campaign also covers the google, YouTube and other online portals. This Facebook marketing has been worked dramatically. At the end of the campaign, we got 5 lacs organic reach which is really amazing.The Facebook page of Bridgestone Bangladesh got 17 thousand likes during this campaign.

Using Activation's

We have also collected data from the filling stations for further promotion. We created a database gathering the name and phone numbers of the drivers and car owners, and also the number of their cars. Along with these, the drivers or the car owners were also asked about after how many months they usually changed their tires. Not only collecting data but also promoting Bridgestone by giving them the flyers and requesting them to buy the world class tires from Bridgestone.

Offering Corporate Gifts

The corporate gift has a great impact on buying the same product further. Bridgestone Bangladesh offers television, smartphone, blender, world cup T-shirt and key rings to its customers who bought one pair of passenger car tires. The customers have expressed their happiness and gratitude toward Bridgestone.

Prize Giving Ceremony

As Bridgestone has offered multiple prizes through this campaign, it is mandatory to provide the winners with their prizes. It is a part of the marketing campaign. The prize-giving ceremony has been arranged jointly by Bridgestone and Crazy Turtle Advertising Ltd on 29th July 2018. The winners of passenger tire buyers, as well as the winners of Facebook ‘Predict and Win’ contest, were given their prizes cordially.