Crescent Footwear

Crescent Footwear Ltd., a concern of Crescent Group, expanded its journey in the local market in 2015. Promising its consumers to serve with 100 percent leather products, it is devoted to serving the needs of the local market. It sells quality products like shoes, sandals, ladies bags, wallets etc. at a price, which is much lower than its competitors. To set up a new marketing strategy for Crescent Footwear Ltd., we, the Crazy Turtle Advertising Ltd. run a research and used the research analytics to start a new era of footwear marketing.

Research Objective

We all think that sells increase before Eid or other festivals. The research objective was to identify whether the selling of footwear’s really increases before festivals and to introduce all with a new market.

Research Findings

We conduct a survey research on consumer buying behavior before the Eid festival. The survey was done both physically and online form using research questionnaires. The questionnaire asked them that based on the priority list, what they basically buy first before festivals. The research findings showed that before festivals people buy more. 67 percent of the participants replied that they buy shoes at the last. So, the budget they fixed for buying shoes become lower when they went to buy those.

Many times, they cannot buy the preferred shoes because of the shortage of money.

Our Suggested Strategy

Following the research finding, we thought of a new market for footwear that would use EMI. The target population was general people who could not effort more in footwear before festivals but wanted to buy quality products. EMI system is already started for the costly things like Television, refrigerator, costly mobile phones, AC etc. But the use of EMI for footwear is totally a new concept. With a hope to be successful, the promotion and use of EMI were started in the outlets of Crescent footwear’s.

Planning For a 360-degree Campaign

To successfully promote the new concept in the region of footwear the Crazy Turtle team used the holistic approach of the holistic marketing approach using different marketing channels and tools like TVC, OVC, RDC, newspaper creatives, digital marketing, corporate gifts, activation’s, online PR etc.


To reach a huge number of consumers the TVC works effectively. Our in-house team experts made a descriptive TVC which was rational, appeal, clear and easily understandable. We included two celebrities in the TVC that attract the general people a lot. One of the celebrities used was a cricketer with a view to promoting it during the Champion’s League matches. We also made RDC for the famous radio channels. Using all the TVC, OVC and RDC we had wanted to focus on the point that buyers didn’t need to have money to buy as they could pay the amount with 6-month installment facilities.

During the campaign, Bangladesh Cricket team participated in the Champion’s League for the first time. During the game, the advertisement was playing so that a large number of people become acknowledged of that offer.

Newspaper Creative

To reach more and more people newspaper creatives has been published in the leading published newspapers. Flyers were also distributed with the daily newspapers.

Media Buying

We had done various media buying activities within the budget to reach a huge percentage of consumers. During Ramadan, we used the holistic approach and integrated marketing communication tools and bought the television media, print media, and online media to reach the targeted population.

Digital Marketing

As we always followed the 360-degree marketing strategy, digital marketing covers a broad area of marketing and promotion. For the Crescent footwear, we had tried to use the digital marketing effectively by promoting the new EMI offer through Facebook with the TVC and some attractive creatives. We also targeted the users of YouTube, Google, Twitter and other famous websites and shared the creatives and TVC many times.

Online & Offline PR

Along with traditional media like tv, newspapers, and magazines, we used online and offline PRs to promote the offers. The online PRs worked more effectively than the commercials at some points.

Outcomes of the Use of the new strategy

Crescent outlets had sold 20 percent more footwear’s than the target.

The outcome of the use of EMI had run successfully during the Eid festival then. Crescent outlets had sold 20 percent more footwears than the target which is one of our biggest achievements. We have been able to create a totally new market with this. Many other companies are now also planning to start the EMI system for their business purpose which is an asset for us.