This website contains information regarding Crazy Turtle Agency and their services. The following information will help you to understand how Crazy Turtle protects your valuable data collected via its website. If you use this website, you will be legally bound to follow the privacy policy. You are requested to read it carefully and be assured that privacy protection is something that Crazy turtle is fully committed to secure it.

What type of information do we collect?

Since Crazy Turtle is a marketing agency, it has several services that require the supply of personal information. For example, if you want to contact us or want a free quote, we will ask for your contact details. This information consists of your name, email address & contact number. If you register for our daily, weekly or monthly newsletter, the Crazy Turtle will require personal information including your name and email address. Your subscription will be a proof that you have agreed to provide this information to us.

What do we do with the information?

Please be assured that all information collected by Crazy Turtle is retained by itself. We never share these any information provided by you to any third party outside of the company without any prior approval from the visitors. When you subscribe to our newsletter, we have to share your mail address with third-party mail services to send those newsletters.

Securing Your Data

Crazy Turtle is always committed to keeping your personal information safe. We follow strict policies and industry standard security when gathering your information. We use various firewall applications and SSL certificate on our website to keep your data safe from being stolen or hacked. All your personal information will be stored on secured servers and at our office premises where any unauthorized entries are being restricted.

What information do we collect?

Through submission for the newsletter, free quote or any other type of form (information submission), we collect various kinds of information. Such as,

  • Name and job title
  • Details
  • Contact information (Email & cell number)
  • Demographic information (postcode, preferences, and interests)
  • Other types of information

What do we do with this information?

All these information we collect from you are intended to use for the betterment of our service. We try to understand your needs and also provide you all the services you desired from us. To do so, we need information as mentioned above. And we use this information for following purposes,

  • Record keeping
  • Improve our products and services
  • We use your email address to send you periodic emails of our promotions, offers & services. Sometimes we also share your information with third parties for retargeting purposes to show our latest products, promotions & offers.
  • Customise our website and services based on your interest


Cookies are a particular type of files which can be placed on your computer’s hard drive through your browser once you give permission. Ost of the browser has a by default option to accept cookies. You can quickly check how much cookies are in use by just clicking on the “https” or at the beginning of the website address.

The benefit of cookies on your hard drive is numerous. Cookies are used to identify when you visit a website and also used to analyze web traffic. It also helps a website to give you more personalized web experiences. Cookies allow web applications to gather information about your personal preferences and respond to you as an individual user. To learn more about cookies, you can visit

Crazy Turtle, we also use cookies to identify the pages that are being used by you. From these cookies, we extract information and use this information to analyze web page traffic and customize our website to your needs. This information is only used for statistical analysis purposes.

You always hold the choice of either accept or reject cookies. Majority of the web browser accept cookies by default, so it’s not harmful to your computer. You can always decline cookies in web browser settings. We can determine which page is useful to visitors through these cookies. We don’t have access to your computer or any other personal information from these cookies.

Cookies we use:

Crazy Turtle uses the following cookies:

Google Analytics: Cookies of Google Analytics allow us to see information of user’s website activities. The information is limited to page views, sources and total time spent on the website. This information does not contain any personal information rather than numbers and statistics. It cannot be traced back to an individual user & it’s entirely depersonalised. By default, this information protects your privacy. Using Google Analytics, we can determine which page or content is favorite on our website. We can get the idea which page is more attractive to the user, and we strive to create more of the things popular or enjoyable to the visitor.

Google AdWords:

Google AdWords code allows us to see which pages helped to create leads or increase sales. These cookies allow us to make better use of paid search budget.

Facebook Advertising:

To make our services more attractive and enjoyable to you, we use Facebook advertising conversion tracking & retargeting which is called Pixels. It allows us to collect or gather information from the website and elsewhere on the internet. This information helps us to provide measurement services & target advertising to our visitors.


These cookies are remarketing codes which store the information of a specific user’s browsing trend on our website. If you see a particular page on our website, we will use that information and show you targeted advertisement in the future.

Website Optimiser:

Website optimizer stores the information of how you searched our website. It helps you to find our site quickly in the future using the same search pattern or similar to it.

Social sharing cookies:

On our website and blog, we use several social sharing buttons for services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & others. You can easily share any page or information from our website to your social sites. If you are not logged into your social sites, you will be asked to log in. This process is very secured and directly handled by social services providers through their database and servers. These sites can gather information of your usage of these buttons through external tracking codes. External tracking codes are placed to provide these sharing services accurately.

Email codes

The newsletter is a fantastic form to get informed about new products, services, offers, and discounts. It also enables you to get crucial information about campaigns, new trends and latest posts. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will get daily, weekly & monthly emails from Crazy turtles. These emails may contain tracking codes which help us to understand who you are, how many people have clicked the mail and how many of them have read them. This data is crucial to make our emails better and more informative in the future. This data is stored on the secured servers of our email service providers and stored there under their privacy policies.

External links to other websites

To make information reliable and useful, we often use links to other sites of same interest. If you click any of these links and leave our website, you will be treated by their privacy policies. We don’t have control over those websites. If you provide any information to those websites, you will not be responsible for that information and their protection. Such sites are not governed by Crazy Turtle’s privacy policies. You are requested to exercise caution and read the privacy statement of those sites before providing any personal or sensitive information. You can also report to us about any suspicious links found at our website through the percentage of such links are almost zero.


We also hide and shorten any hyperlinks added to our website or posts. It makes the page more enjoyable to read and aesthetically perfect. If you hover over any links, you will be able to see the full address of those hyperlinks.


At Crazy Turtle website, we never receive any physical products or cash in exchange for any reviews or posts. Crazy Turtle only promotes products or services which is authentic, and we trust. We always provide honest opinions and findings and this site is not used for affiliate purposes. If you promote any services or products, be assured that we have used it and us believe it’s a great thing to buy or invest.

Controlling your personal information

If you have already subscribed to our newsletter or asked for free quotes, then it’s possible that you have provided us your personal information. Crazy Turtle assures you that this information is entirely safe. If you still want to opt-out, then just send an email or contact us. You can also unsubscribe from newsletter services via “unsubscribe button.

We will not sell or lease any of your information to any third parties. If you have provided any of your data, then you have agreed to let Crazy Turtle use this information for marketing purposes. You may receive promotional information about any third parties which may be relevant to your choice.

You can also request detail information which we hold about you. You can do it under the Data Protection Act 1998 & in that case, a small fee will be payable. Write to us if you want a copy of that information. If your belief or find any information about you is incorrect, then please email us as soon as possible. We will correct any information about you found to be incorrect.

Any variations to the Privacy Policies

Crazy Turtle solely holds the right to change any information or policy mentioned in this privacy policy. If we change any policy, you will be notified via a mail to our subscribed mail address. Any conflict or issues should be discussed first with Crazy Turtle before any legal action to find a mutual solution.