About Tally

Tally is a Digital format of usual tally book that shopkeepers and small business owner have been maintaining for so long. This Tally app is very easy to use and people can keep track of their business from anywhere any time.

Open an account in tally app. Write down your shop name & number. After that you can enter your daily cash and spend transactions. Input the daily receivable and payable transactions. This app will maintain your customer and vendor list separately.
You can adjust the date and time of money receive and payment. You can also set a reminder and the app will notify you according to your instructions.

This app can be used without internet connection on mobile device.
Without losing any data keep track of your business account easily.

App Features

  • Enter the name of your income source, or
    Select name from your phone/mobile contact list.
  • Enter the amount of your choice.
  • The date will auto fix in today’s date. You can change the date if you want.
  • You can write down some note if you want. Just click save and your entry will be listed.
  • Use the same way you enter cash received. The app with automatically keep your data in cash paid.
  • You can enter the name of the person who purchased goods or services from you, or you can also list down the name of the person you lend money to.
  • Select the name of that person from your contact list or else you can add customer from the top section or you can just write down the name and phone number of that person.
  • Enter the amount you will receive from him/her.
  • The entry will automatically list down in your customer section.
  • Use the same way in you use money receivable button.
  • When you select the vendor from your contact it will add the name in a vendor list you can find the same place in all customer.
  • You can easily keep track of your saving account.
  • Just type down the source name and enter amount.
  • Select the deposit or withdrawal.
  • In this app you can maintain the customer or vendor list separately.
  • Click a customer name, you can see how much product he purchased from you or how much money he owes you.
  • You can call or send sms to remind that person to pay you the bill.
  • You can also set reminder to fix a date and time you want a notification about your money collection date.
  • You can see your daily or monthly or yearly business account balance through this app. This app also calculates the net balance you have in each month.
  • You can select the month or year and see your income vs expense in that particular month.
  • With all this calculation you can easily estimate your monthly cash inflow and outflow thus your income vs expense as an individual or small business owner.