Crazy Turtle Website Terms, Conditions & Notices

Terms and conditions/terms of service/terms of use are a set of rules which dictates visitors or users use of a specific website. A visitor or user should agree to these rules.

Crazy Turtle, Crazy Turtle Agency & Crazy Turtle is an agency that provides integrated branding campaigns & 360-degree marketing solutions to its valuable customers. Here the term “we,” “our” & “us” refer to Crazy Turtle Agency or any other affiliated websites of Crazy Turtle Agency. Here the term “you” refers to the customer who is visiting this website, buying our service online, subscribed for our newsletter or asked for a free quotation.

We provide a variety of services to our customers including,
● Marketing Strategy Development
● Digital Marketing
● Digital / ATL Media Buying
● Event & Activation
● Enterprise Software / Apps Development
● Web Development

The Crazy Turtle Agency website, as well as all products/services available on the site, are offered to you under the condition that you have accepted all the terms, conditions and notices without any modification of any/all. By using this website by any means, you agree to be bound by the terms & conditions, and it will represent that you have read and understood them. So we are requesting you to read these terms and conditions carefully because it contains all your legal rights as well as limitations of these rights as well as law for any disputes. If you have any disagreement with any/all terms & conditions then Crazy Turtle agency requests you not to use the website or any services/products displayed on the site.

These terms and conditions are modified regularly, and your continued use of this website will signify that you have acknowledged the modification and also accepted them. To make things clear, we will always show date at the beginning of the terms & conditions with last updated date. So please do visit this page periodically to get updated with any changes.

Using of Crazy Turtle Website:

Using Crazy Turtle website ensures that all information provided by you to this website is correct, accurate, complete and current. If you have an account on this website, then you will safeguard your user account as well as all information related to it. You will be solely responsible for any use of your account on this website. Since this website does not contain any matured or adult content, so there is no age restriction to view this website. But to register an account, you have to be at least 18 years older. Crazy Turtle Agency never collect any information about any user knowing that he is not matured or underage. Your use of this website is information about our services or products and using this website insist that you have agreed to not use this website for any speculative, false or fraudulent activities.

Privacy Policy and Disclosures:

Crazy Turtles Agency always believes in protecting your privacy. Please click here (Enter a link to Privacy Policy page here) to review our privacy policy which governs your use of this website. If we disclose any information to third parties, be assured that such disclosure is necessary to
● Protect Crazy Turtle Agency; it’s properties, assets or employees
● To ensure it’s integrity or business
● To comply any legitimate & enforceable gov’t requests
● To comply court orders

Crazy Turtle holds the right to disclose your information without any prior notice to you. This information includes your name, email, IP address, traffic information, usage history, etc. and shall take precedence over any privacy policy that conflicts.

Prohibited Activities:

Everything related and into this website including messages, data, information, music, sound, text, graphics, photos, video, icons, maps, software, code, and infrastructure to provide/display such information is proprietary to Crazy Turtle. Your use of Crazy Turtle Agency website assures that you will not modify, copy, distribute, transmit or sell any information provided on this website. Any redistribution of any information needs the prior written permission of Crazy Turtle. Additionally, you also agree to not

1. Use Crazy Turtle Agency website or any content of this website for any commercial or unlawful purposes.
2. Access this website using any robot, spider, scraper or any other automated process without written approval
3. Prevent others from accessing this website
4. Hacking the site
5. Impose large load on our website, server or our infrastructures
6. Frame, Mirror or incorporate any part of Crazy Turtle Agency Website
7. Attempt to modify, translate, adapt or edit any part of the information provided by Crazy Turtle
8. Use this website to threaten, harass or stalk to others or to interfere with others use of this website
9. Use Crazy Turtle Agency website to submit or transmit spam or junk emails
10. Use this website to spread racism
11. Violate any third party copyrights
12. Use this website to spread or submit pornography or mature content
13. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to our system, site or networks
14. Spread computer virus, malware or harmful program or codes
15. Damage this website, infrastructure, system, networks or server


When you sue Crazy Turtle Agency website to send emails, text messages or other forms of communications from your PC or mobile devices you should remember that the whole process is electronic. It also shows us that you have permitted us to communicate with you via email, push notifications, texts or any other forms of communications. We often use third party service providers to communicate with you. You can unsubscribe from our email services any time by just clicking “unsubscribe” and to stop getting notifications from us totally; you need to send us an email.


You can contribute to our website in a variety of ways such as submitting emails, reviews, postings, comments, etc. We may use your contributions (simply called as content) in different ways. For example, displaying them on our website, reforming or translating & promoting. So by submitting any content to Crazy Turtle permits us you permit us to use the material non-exclusive, royalty-free & will be licensed to Crazy Turtle. We hold the right to modify, translate, adapt, distribute and promote it by any means. You forever release Crazy Turtle from any copyright violation. You will be solely responsible for any content provided to Crazy Turtle. Crazy Turtle holds the right to advertise whole or any part of your content and any change to that advertisement can be done without sending any notice to you. By posting any content to Crazy Turtle, you have agreed not to post

1. Content that is pornographic, unlawful or insulting
2. Content that violates copyright infringe
3. Content that will encourage any hate & shame to anyone
4. Content that supports any political parties or promotes any campaigns of such nature
5. Advertisement or promotion
6. Private information of anyone including you
7. Virus, Malware or harmful program

You are solely responsible for any content posted by you or using your user account & you also accept any risks associated with the content. Crazy Turtle does not take any responsibilities or liabilities for any content posted, stored or uploaded by you or anyone.

Liabilities of Crazy Turtle:

This section limits liabilities of Crazy Turtle so read it carefully. If you do not understand any part of it, then please contact a lawyer for better understanding. Any information provided on this website including services, posts, date or anything may include inaccurate information or errors. Crazy Turtle never gives any guarantee to the accuracy of information provided on this website. We hold the right to change this information anytime without sending any notice. For marketing purposes, we often use third party suppliers or service providers, and we will not be liable for their services or quality of services. Any financial loss on this process may be compensated but the amount will be fixed by Crazy Turtle solely.

User’s liabilities:

1. Violation of any law or this agreement
2. Disagree to of these terms & conditions
3. Breach of copyright infringement of any third parties
4. Use of Crazy Turtle Website or its services/products
5. Unlawful misconduct

Copyright & Trademark Notice:

All information & content are ©2018 Crazy Turtle Agency all rights reserved. Crazy Turtle exclusively holds the right to change anything & everything on this page or any page of this website without any prior notice.

Your entry on this website will assume that you have agreed to terms and conditions without any disagree. So before continuing any further, please read terms & conditions correctly. If you still disagree with any part, then please contact us, or your presence on the website will be treated as your approval in these terms of conditions.